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A fundamental part of Geo’s base of business lies within gathering, storing and reusing knowledge about the subsurface. Geo’s databases contain extensive and searchable information of the Danish subsurface, as well as international subsurface data.

Geo offers data which, compared to publicly available data, is more detailed and of higher density.

Geo continuously works on digitalising its historic archive by updating and expanding current models, in order to improve the quality of Geo’s dynamic models and spatial distribution constantly. Concurrently, Geo continuously updates and incorporates data from existing regional models and surveys from the national monitoring of Danish groundwater resources in the modelling processes.

A number of thematisations can be derived from the geological model, supporting value creation and calculation tools within areas such as:

  • Planning and executing climate-proofing Projects.
  • Construction.
  • Environmental investigations.
  • Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Water supply.
  • Geoenergy.

Examples of the above are hydrological transmissivity maps, maps of second and primary groundwater levels, ATES planning, infiltration potentials and geotechnical thematisations.