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Geo has been focused on 3D modeling for decades. We carry out geological modeling for offshore windfarms and major construction and infrastructure projects as well on smaller scale for groundwater surveys, raw material studies and soil contamination.

A number of thematizations can be derived from the geological model, supporting value creation and calculation tools within areas such as:

  • Planning and executing climate-proofing projects.
  • Construction.
  • Environmental investigations.
  • Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Water supply.
  • Geoenergy.

Examples of the above could be hydrological transmissivity maps, maps of secondary and primary groundwater levels, ATES planning, infiltration potentials and geotechnical thematizations.


Model 1_Modelling.jpg



Our geological model is set up in specialized 3D-programs and involves a spatial configuration of geological units such as limestone, glacial Sand, and Till. Geo performs both layer- and voxel models which are typically modelled in a 25 x 25 meter resolution in suburban areas and in 100 x 100 meters in more rural areas as well as offshore. In individual cases we also work with highly detailed models down to a resolution of 1 x 1 meter, mostly near harbors and in urban areas.



Model 2_modellering.png