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Geophysics and Automation



Geophysical surveys are important during projects both on land and at sea. Here at Geo, we are experts in planning and managing mapping-related projects and processing geophysical data.

  • We perform archival studies where geophysical data is combined with historical information from former projects. Geo has the country’s most extensive geotechnical archive and the best basis to ensure an optimal starting point. Surveys are typically the first part of a project and are known as desktop studies. In case you need to digitize older geophysical surveys, this is also a service we provide.
  • We offer technical consultancy for project owners regarding purchasing, planning, as well as optimal execution of geophysical mapping-related projects. We have extensive experience with both land and sea-based projects, from the smaller foundation surveys to the largest mapping projects offered both in Denmark and internationally.
  • We work with integrated geological, geotechnical, and geophysical 3D-models which are used both on- and offshore within e.g., wind energy, construction, and infrastructure-related projects.
  • Additionally, our geophysical experience includes deep geophysical surveys of up to 5.5 kilometers of depth used for geothermal energy and carbon capture and storage, as well as for mapping deep halite deposits.
  • Geo performs geophysical borehole logging for boreholes within geotechnics, groundwater lowering, pollution and water supply.
  • Foundation test with or without magnetometer for localizing of reinforcement steel, as well as Ground Penetrating Radar for localizing cables, pipes, structures in the subsurface etc.
  • Geo has experience regarding the monitoring of various parameters such as vibrations on buildings and constructions and groundwater and environmental conditions. These data are typically collected by dataloggers connected to our web solution GeoAtlas Live (IoT). When executing geophysical surveys, continuous monitoring during the survey can sometimes be necessary e.g., when working in densely populated, urban environments.
  • Geo also has specialized skills regarding settlement-mapping by satellite which can also be combined with geotechnical and geophysical mappings.