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GeoAtlas Live and GeoAtlas API

The GeoAtlas Live platform allows the user to visualize subsurface models, e.g. geological cross-sections or slice maps and include a virtual borehole function. It also provides access to a wealth of additional information, including borehole data. 

GeoAtlas Live og GeoAtlas API 1.png



It is currently in use in more than 80 different organizations in Denmark, from local municipalities and regional utility companies (new water and wastewater) to consultants, contractors, educational institutions, and governmental organizations, like the national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas and The Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Follow the link for a detailed manual:

GeoAtlas API

Geo displays the data and geological models shown in GeoAtlas Live as APIs services. The APIs integrates GeoAtlas tools directly into your organization's existing GIS-system thereby linking it to your own data sets.

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