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Digitizing with GeoTizer

GeoTizer’s purpose is to retrieve relevant information from scanned borehole profiles and make it directly accessible in database systems. GeoTizer converts borehole archives containing historical data from pdf-format into a new digital database format, thereby making the geology 100% digital to be easily used and visualized in web solutions such as GeoAtlas Live.

GeoTizer makes a so-called ‘deep digitizing’, which sorts out relevant information from scanned borehole profiles to make it available directly in a relevant database system.


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GeoTizer is a service which is offered to all advisors, entrepreneurs, and project owners, who have the need to transfer information from paper or scanned versions of borehole profiles into a database to process the data digitally. 

Overall, GeoTizer covers the following steps in the digitizing process:


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  • Tagging of pages
    All available records are compartmentalized in GeoTizer to make the data more comprehensible. Borehole profiles and site plans are individually marked, whereas other pages such as various analyses, sketches, water table series, advanced tests etc. are tagged for subsequent retrieval in the database.
  • Georeferencing
    The scanned historical site plans are correlated to relevant maps and the precise location for each individual borehole is carefully chosen and assigned a quality factor for the georeferencing.
  • Sample description
    When the borehole was made, a detailed geological description was created for each soil sample and directly registered on the borehole profile. These sample assessments include a description of the soil type, characteristics, a geological age and environment, and is digitized in GeoTizer by the means of Geo’s self-developed web application, Geoboard.
  • Lab test results
    Several classification tests have been made on selected samples both in the laboratory, in situ and during the drillings. These include determinations of water content, PIDs, bulk densities, shear tests, porosities, plasticity indexes and other types of measurements. The results are plotted directly on a diagram on the borehole profile together with graphs showing various geotechnical and environmental parameters.
  • Attributes
    Additionally, other parameters are also registered on the borehole profiles including information about filters, water table measurements, foundation level etc., as well as valuable comments concerning the subsurface.
  • Quality control
    The digitized borehole profiles undergo extensive quality control before they are made available in the database system. Therefore, Geo can guarantee high standards for the historical digitized data which match the excellent quality of Geo’s additional data.