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It is crucial to know the geological and hydrological conditions in the subsurface when undertaking new projects or upgrading existing facilities.

At Geo, we are experts in this, and work with the digital support of such projects in our geodata departments.

  • We perform archival studies where existing historical knowledge from our extensive archive is included and linked to new mappings and surveys from other sources. These can be applied before the start of the project and can be continuously updated during the project.
  • We digitize all types of historical data related to terrain conditions and the subsurface and incorporate the digital data into new analyses. We are specialized in digitizing geotechnical projects with borings which are handled by our digitization platform GeoTizer, but we also digitize historical mapping material, geophysical surveys, hydrological tests, grain size analyses etc.
  • Based on both new and historical, private and public data, we perform the most comprehensive and advanced analyses in the country. These include everything from GIS-analyses to advanced and spatial statistics approaches. The analyses can be linked to our expertise in 3D-layers and voxel-modelling of subsurface parameters.
  • We work with dynamic maps on a local, regional, and national scale. These include geological, hydrological, and geotechnical conditions, obstacles in soil, remediation of soft and settlement-creating deposits, as well as risk-maps showing areas where groundwater tables sit close to the surface.
  • We are experts in handling and linking large amounts of data, and we continuously work on improving our algorithms and routines, e.g., by using machine learning.
  • We develop advanced WebGIS-functions and plugins for QGIS, e.g., for visualizing geology or calculating the potential of raw materials.