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Sustainable rainwater management depends on valid data of the subsurface. In Geo we combine well proven traditional geological and geotechnical mapping methods with new geophysical and hydrogeological techniques.

This enables Geo to, based on our specialised data pool, offer consultancy to how a project obtains optimal climate proofing and efficient local infiltration of stormwater run-off. Geo has years of experience with climate proofing-projects of varying size and magnitude. Choice of method relies on the overall purpose of the specific project, local conditions and the planned SUDS solutions. Due to the complex geology in the city, the hydraulic performance of the system for stormwater infiltration might vary significantly.

With Geo’s experience and geological and hydrogeological mapping tools, we are able to determine, whether a location is suited for infiltration or not. Furthermore, we offer consultancy on where the facility ought to be located, and how it should be dimensioned. Geo is able to optimise the scheduled and underlying design of the system for stormwater infiltration considerably by early involvement in the process. A geological investigation at the specific location, prior to the installation of a system for stormwater infiltration, also maximises the efficiency of the facility considerably.