As a ‘full service’ engineering company Geo performs all types of geotechnical investigations, data, analysis, design, reports and consultancy – both onshore and offshore. We are specialised in managing and solving challenging geotechnical issues, whether it is concerning a new Metro or a small private property. Read more about our Services below.


As a workplace of talents, Geo has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise – a knowledge we believe is important to share, with both colleagues from the industry and students. We have a number of courses we offer regarding our core competences – read more below.

We believe that sharing knowledge and experience is important in order to open up discussions concerning professional competency and new ways of approach.


In Geo, we focus on our ability to perform all types of drillings in high quality, even during difficult conditions. It is a key issue of ours to plan, perform and improve the drillings, in order to achieve the best possible and precise results. We adapt the drilling method carefully to the purpose of the drilling, as well as the geological conditions on site, in order to prevent contamination of the groundwater, both during drilling and after.


Environmental Consultancy

Geo’s core competency within environmental consultancy is to investigate and remediate contaminated soil and groundwater. We always strive to find the best and most cost-effective solution for our clients. This applies both when dealing with surplus soil in construction projects, ensuring indoor air quality and concerning groundwater issues. Geo is a market leader in the industry, and is capable of providing highly specialised solutions, that benefit both our customers and the environment.

Geodata, Geophysics and Modelling

Geo's business basis is the collection, storage and reuse of knowledge about the subsurface.

GeoAtlas Live offers the most comprehensive knowledge database of the onshore and offshore subsurface in Denmark, containing extensive and searchable data on Danish and international subsurface.

We aim to develop and improve our geoscience services and models for the benefit of our clients, e.g. using complex data analyzes and automated data flow to ensure stability and quality.

Groundwater Engineering

Geo’s groundwater engineers are specialised in aquifer investigations, wellfield assessment and design of dewatering systems and well drillings, as well as dewatering.

Laboratory Tests and Consultancy

Geo’s internationally acknowledged state-of-the-art laboratory performs all types of testing of soils and rock. Geo has been involved in large construction projects such as the Metro Cityring in Copenhagen, the Fehmarn Belt preliminary investigations, the Ringsted-Fehmarn connection and numerous small and large projects. Testing may be customised to the specific project, or in accordance with international standards such as British Standard, DIN and so on.


Offshore Geotechnical Consultancy

Geo brings to the offshore industry, a unique geotechnical engineering expertise and independent consultancy services. Geo’s clients are the major companies operating worldwide in the oil & gas and renewable energy industry. Geo’s services in the offshore industry aim to bring the latest knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques.

Offshore Investigations

Seabed investigations prior to marine constructions require special equipment combined with the right expertise. Throughout the last decades, Geo has accumulated this know-how by participation in more than 50 offshore wind projects, a series of projects regarding oil and gas installations and projects regarding pipelines and cables. Geo delivers services ranging from site investigations to geotechnical designs.

Onshore Geotechnical Consultancy

In Geo, we conduct geotechnical investigations to determine the properties of soil and rock, in order to advice clients about the foundation solution, for the structure and construction at hand. Because no two projects are identical, Geo’s experts offer custom-made consultancy solutions to every project, based on the geotechnical site investigations and laboratory tests.