Geo participates in the 6th International Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Conference (iYGEC6)

By Geo Communikation

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Young engineers from all over the world meet in Seoul, Korea, when the 6th International Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Conference takes place from 16th to 17th September at the Seoul National University.

The iYGEC6 conference is in connection to the ICSMGE2017 conference; however, the iYGEC6 conference is only for young geotechnical engineers up to 35 years. Each society nominates young engineers to participate – the participants must be no older than 35 years, and must be currently engaged in outstanding research/engineering projects.

The conference will cover subjects such as prediction of soil behaviour, challenging soil types and assessment and remediation of contaminated soil.

From Geo Emil Mejlhede Kinslev is participating in the conference. He is engaged in a project, in which he is doing research to find out, if the BRICK model can be used on Copenhagen Clay Till.

"The BRICK model was first presented in 1992 by Brian Simpson, as an alternative approach to modelling the stress and strain dependant stiffness of softer clays such as London Clay. The promising results, with using the model on soft clays, are what has led to the study of the model's capabilities in modelling the much stiffer clays such as Copenhagen Clay Till," says Emil Mejlhede Kinslev.

Emil will present his article: “Numerical modelling of heavily overconsolidated clay till using BRICK”, in session 2 from 11.40-13.00 on 16th September.


The two-day conference is prior to the following ICSMGE conference from 17-22 September.

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