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    On this page, you will find all contact information for Geo regarding press matters; images and logo for download as well as contact details for our experts. Please contact us, should you have any questions.



    For general contact concerning press affairs, interviews and the like.


     Chloé Torndal
     Communications Coordinator 
     +45 4520 4159







    Geo’s panel of experts is available for specific questions within Geo’s fields of expertise. Please take direct contact to the experts below, who are specialised within various fields of our line of business.



    Kim Sillemann

    Managing Director

    +45 4520 4200



    Statements regarding Geo’s business, market opportunities and general matters.

    Kim Sillemann came to Geo as Managing Director in 2004. Prior to his accession Kim was e.g. the Managing Director of a traffic planning company, Project Director for large infrastructure projects and an officer in the Danish Armed Forces through a longer career.




    Jens Brink Clausen

    Department Director

    +45 4520 4184



    Expert in offshore investigations.

    Jens Brink Clausen is the Department Director of Geo’s geotechnical Offshore Investigations Department. During the last 20 years, Jens has accumulated a vast expertise within planning, optimisation and completion of larger, complex offshore investigations. Due to the many projects within the field of e.g. offshore wind, Jens has furthermore gained a broad insight into this market.




    Lindita Kellezi

    Engineering Director

    +45 4520 4155



    Expert in offshore engineering and geo-mechanical modelling.

    Lindita Kellezi is Engineering Director of offshore geotechnical engineering and numerical modelling. Lindita has a unique knowledge and expertise on different structures and foundation design for oil & gas, wind farms & civil constructions. Lindita’s resume contains an impressive list of challenging projects for the world's leading utilities and Oil & Gas Companies.




    Jens Bauman

    Technical Manager

    +45 4520 4120  



    Expert in drilling.

    Jens Baumann is Technical Manager in Geo, where all types of drilling, ranging from water supply drilling, energy drilling, environmental- and geotechnical drilling to core drilling and drilling for raw materials, are performed. Jens is highly experienced in high quality drilling, and has a specialist expertise in dealing with the groundwater contamination. Furthermore, Jens has many years of experience and knowledge within the fields of geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical- and environmental Engineering.




    John Ulrik Bastrup

    Project Director

     +45 4520 4117



    Expert in environmental engineering, including contamination and remediation.

    John Ulrik Bastrup is Project Director of environmental contamination concerning soil and groundwater, and has a unique knowledge of the latest investigation- and remediation methods. Lately John has focused on China, where Geo is involved in investigating and remediating large industrial sites, prior to residential construction.




    Helle Foged Christensen

    Chief Engineer Laboratory

    +45 4520 4201




    Expert in laboratory testing.

    Helle Foged Christensen is the Chief Engineer of the Laboratory in Geo’s internationally acknowledged laboratory and is a specialist in geotechnical tests on chalk and soil. Helle has been the project manager on several of the largest laboratory projects – among others Fehmarn Belt and the Copenhagen Metro Cityring as well as numerous Danish and international offshore wind farms. Furthermore, Helle Foged Christensen has an extensive rock mechanics expertise within the fields of oil and gas, including shale gas.




    Thomas C. Larsen

    Department Director

    +45 4520 4189



    Expert in large infrastructure projects.

    Thomas C. Larsen has 25 years of experience in geotechnical engineering consultancy and planning. He has participated in the largest Danish projects, including the Great Belt and the Öresund fixed links, Fehmarn Belt and the Copenhagen Metro Cityring. All projects which have provided Thomas with many years of experience in cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaborations.





    Below you can find relevant press material including logos for print and rules for use.


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